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WPT has unmatched experience in bond-press technology and manufacturing. We specialize in precision hydraulic controls and control systems.

The standard method of heating and cooling is a closed loop, high-pressure water system for cost-effective heat transfer at temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Other heating options include electric and oil systems.


WPT has the capability to design and build high precision composite bonding presses that can exceed clamping pressures of 500 tons. We have yet to hit a limit on how much pressure we can generate with a bonding press while maintaining an even compression. Our bonding presses are designed to maintain square and parallel degree within .015 inches over 15 feet. This allows for uniform and repeatable processing of composite laminates. The platens can be specially configured to accept any customer tooling and equipment.

Process Heating and Cooling Systems

In addition to our bonding presses, WPT designs and builds custom high pressure, high flow process heating, cooling, and circulation systems for all makes and models of bond presses. Each process system can be built as a complete stand-alone system, or a universal system that is capable of feeding multiple bond presses.

All bond presses run using our Process Control System, which has the capability to integrate with the bladder and mandrel pressure and heating controls which allows for highly complex cure schedules.

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