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15' X 65' Autoclave

The Difference

Walton Process Technologies build all our autoclaves with our customers in mind. Our goal is to provide our customers with a quality piece of equipment that ultimately enhances their thermal process in all aspects of production. All autoclaves we build are built directly to your specification. We can build an autoclave to any diameter, length, pressures and temperatures.

Process Control System

WPT is home to a dedicated software development team that is continually updating and evolving our control software, PCS. PCS can run on all makes and models of autoclaves, as well as bond presses and ovens. PCS provides easy-to-read reports, networking capabilities, fully customizable, and meets all the requirements for AS9100 and NADCAP.

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Enhanced Coil Designs

Heat Exchanger design and weld quality are absolutely critical to the durability of heating and cooling coils in an autoclave. Autoclave coils are subject to tremendous thermal and mechanical stress when placed into service.

If improperly designed or poorly welded, they will crack and fail, potentially causing damage to your autoclave. WPT designs and builds heat exchangers for a service life that will remain efficient for as long as you own a WPT autoclave.

Modified Thermal Designs

We use a combination of high quality Rockwool Insulation and enhanced thermal clips to give our autoclaves excellent thermal retention. We use specially designed insulation clips that maintain minimal contact with the shell of the autoclave, to reduce thermal transfer, that secure the rockwool insulation into place.

WPT can also interface our Control Systems with customer furnished heat blankets for specialized repair and bonding applications.

Door Hinge

The door hinge used on WPT Autoclaves is designed to resist drifting and sag by using a high quality hinge system that provides smooth and easy operation. Our door hinge is fully serviceable to ensure smooth operation for the life of the autoclave.

Low and Ultra Low NOx Burner Systems

Part of building an efficient autoclave is considering fuel consumption and the environment. WPT does its part by using high quality Maxon burners and precise air-to-fuel control systems to produce single digit NOx emissions.

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Thermal Recirculation Systems

Our latest engineering development is our processed gas Thermal Recirculation System. Using a Low NOx burner simultaneously with our exhaust valve recirculation design, we are successfully recycling energy, usually vented to the atmosphere, and reintroducing it as the dilution media back into the autoclave burner system.

This technology reduces fuel consumption from the autoclave by 20-25% during ramp and an incredible 80-90% during soak. Installed on an autoclave, it will reduce your fuel costs by a significant margin. Install this system on every autoclave in your facility for real energy savings.