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PCS System Overview


The Process Control System, or PCS, provides a powerful, state-of-the-art, user-friendly method of controlling composite processing equipment. PCS was designed by WPT to meet the strict quality standards of aerospace composite manufacturing.

It is fully configurable and compliant with AS9100 and NADCAP. The PCS System is comprised of several individual modules and components. These individual modules are tightly integrated to produce a very scalable, fault tolerant, efficient and reliable control system.


PCS is built using C++, a scalable and efficient programming language. It is comprised of several individual modules and components. These individual models are tightly integrated to produce a scalable, fault tolerant, efficient, and reliable control system.

Control Engine

The Control Engine is the heart of the Process Control Software. It controls all aspects of the monitoring and control systems within the system. This includes all DACU interactions. The Control Engine also manages all interaction with the Local and Remote Client applications.

Client Application

The Client Application is the user/operator interface. It provides interface required for user interaction with the Process Control Engine.

Reporting Application

The Reporting Application is used to generate and display all the Control System Reports. All the reports that are generated are based on HTML 4 and is viewable in a web browser. The Reporting Application is highly configurable and can run many different reports including graphical, tabular, cure, and more.


The PCS Control System uses Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as the system database. MS-SQL 2008 is a widely-used database system capable of storing all run data captured by the system. SQL Server 2008 is the most secure of any database platform, has higher performance capabilities, greater scalability, immediate recoverability, and advanced administration tools, making it the most reliable choice for a database system.


PCS is designed to be a dependable and reliable control system. It runs as a Secure System Process, automatically restarts on power failure,